Les and Maggie's trip to Mongolia

(Links in Times are external all other links are to our photos)

This year (2005) Mags and myself spent a delightfull two weeks in Mongolia. The trip was booked with Uniglobe travel who used Cox and Kings. The agent in Mongolia was Juulchin Travel. The trip was a once in a life time experience.

A brief description of our trip follows with links to the photos that we took at the relevant places.

We left a wet London late in the evening at the start of June, then spent some 16 hours in Moscow airport before arriving rather tired at Ulaanbaatar (UB) airport 2 days later.

Our first stop was the Terelj National Park with its famous turtle rock. Linked here are photos of the park, the camp we stayed at and the monastery in the park that we visited. While at Terelj we were invited to a horse race Mongolian style to celebrate the opening of a new ger camp.

Following on from a most enjoyable 4 days in Terelj we had a quick city tour of UB including the Natural History Museam, and the summer palace.

Next it was off by plane to Muro to visit Lake Khovsgol, where we climbed by jeep and horse to over 7200ft to visit Reindeer herders in their natural environment. On the ascent of the mountain the streams were still frozen (and this was in June!)

Our final stop was a nature reserve about 3 hours, from UB, where we were privileged to see one of only 5 pairs of gray cranes.

Of general information are our photos of the Every day scenes from our travels in Mongolia, including many examples of Gers, the types of transport found on the roads, and a series of photos taken of the sun setting over UB.

Les And Maggie.

For info: finally, we have Yours Truly on a most uncooperative camel.